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How do you influence others?

Do you have any idea how many people you are influencing without even being aware?

What's been on my mind this week? Influence. Consider how impactful it is when someone consciously works to help someone through teaching, being present, listening, or sharing. But what happens unconsciously? What is the ripple effect of your actions that you cannot see or perceive\?

I've been thinking about this concept this week based on conversations I started to have last week. I would meet with folks and they would share that they heard from others how much they learned or appreciated our conversation. It was flattering to hear but made me think about how my actions can have far-reaching impacts on others.

It's easy to dismiss our actions as inconsequential, or minor in the scheme of the world, but imagine how much influence you can have by tapping into this ripple effect? It's not about overthinking or overanalyzing, but instead remembering that what we do matters, and that others may be watching out actions and learning from us even when we are unaware of it.

Here are a few reminders you can use to pay attention to your influence:

  • Be Authentic: So many try to be something or someone else, usually someone different from who they are. Be yourself and be authentically yourself.

  • Be Present: Pay attention to what you say, what you represent, and how you show up. This takes energy. Be aware of what you are putting out into the world (hopefully something authentically you).

  • Be Active: Where do you have power that you can use to help others or teach others? I recently watched a Ted Talk by Luvvie Ajayi and what she said about remembering that you may be "the most powerful person in the room" even if you are not the most powerful person in a company. Pay attention to the position you hold; don't minimize it and instead embrace it and be active and speak up. You will likely inspire others to do the same.

As you embark on Monday, pay a bit more attention to your influence, and just how many people may be learning from you just by watching you be yourself.

"Be the person who creates positive ripple effects." -Camilla Kragius

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