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How to prioritize to achieve your goals

Prioritization may sound boring or something only certain people need to care about, but it's the key to achieving any goals

Time. It's the most valuable resource you have. It is limited, and we really don't know how much time we have. You can find numerous quotes inspiring you to seize the day, live every day to its fullest, and YOLO - you only live once. Yes, all these are true, but how do you apply these inspirational concepts in the day to day? That's where prioritization comes into play.

Prioritization is not only the process of getting clear on priorities but there are several specific things you can do immediately. Here are a few prioritization tips and learnings I have adopted over time:

  • Get clear on what is really a priority - if everything is a priority, nothing is. You can do this by journaling, self-reflection, and getting clear on what you really value.

  • Set strong boundaries, this can be done by blocking time on your calendar. If this sounds challenging look out a few months on your calendar when it's more open and start blocking your time, you'll get there eventually.

  • Find the calendar hacks that work for you: color code by priority or topic/area, make calendar review part of a daily or weekly routine, find digital (a good one to try: cultured code) or paper solutions (such as passion planner)

  • Be intentional about your personal goals: Make time to set and plan for big goals; on an annual basis set goals for the year ahead and schedule in time to make progress on these goals.

  • Implement a strong daily routine to manage your time and priorities; try a morning routine for health & wellness, end of workday reflection on what you accomplished and what was good about the day, and end of day personal development and learning.

  • Schedule your personal development time and fun. There's more to life than work and completing tasks and this time will kelp you grow, and find new ideas and creative inspiration.

These are some of the few tips that I've found success with. How do you prioritize? Comment below and share your ideas.

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