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10 Tools for Mental Health & Leadership

It's time we talked about what so many have and will experience

Every Saturday I host a clubhouse focused on leadership. Being a leader can mean different things to each person. Maybe you are a leader in a large organization, maybe you are a leader in your community, or maybe you are a leader in your family. Regardless of what it means to lead, it can be challenging at times and often feel like the only way to succeed is through sacrifice. This is simply not true, and often our mental health is what suffers most.

This week I chatted with leaders across multiple industries and captured a few tools and tips that can be helpful to protect our mental health as we lead:

  1. Normalize asking for help - this is important for you as a leader as well as for your team

  2. Set boundaries and stick to them - remember it's not just what we say that matters, it's what we do

  3. Therapy is not a weakness - it provides support, resources and tools to navigate all areas of your life

  4. Find ways to unplug from your work daily - use hobbies, activities, or new experiences that won't remind you of work, especially if you have a hard time disconnecting

  5. Journaling is a great tool to process challenges and work towards self-awareness

  6. Physical Activity helps with stress - movement is powerful, take walks, run, dance

  7. Taking breaks not only helps you personally but also provides the mental break that can unlock your creativity

  8. Practice gratitude daily

  9. Really unplug on vacations - this empowers and invests in your team creating growth opportunities for you and them

  10. You are not alone - this is a journey and process everyone is going through, surround yourself with people and communities who are talking about this and provide support

If you have additional tools or tips comment below to share.

Join the conversation on clubhouse every Saturday at 9:30am PT:

Follow us on Instagram @minutesofmindfulness where we share mindfulness tips, inspiration, and Journal Prompts.

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