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What do you stand for?

I've written before on here about values. I believe it is so important and a continual journey to get clear on what you value. In addition to your own personal journey, what does it mean to set values for a company or review the values of a place you may work?

A great place to start is to read a bit about values. There's a great article on Harvard Business Review that talks about how to know if you align with the values of a company you are working with. The article includes several steps you can take to assess the values of a company, including interview approach, as well as things to consider if you already work there.

A divergence in values can be minor: I value punctuality, but meetings start late here. Or, they may be temporary: I need to keep my reservations to myself until I learn more about where this new policy is going.

If you already work at a company it's also a good idea to look up what the stated company values are. Do they align with you? Do you sense a temporary, minor, or more serious divergence? This can be a great exercise to do with your team or personal board of directors. This is something that you should do regularly as you change and the company changes as well.

If you happen to be building or running your own business this can be a great reminder to take a look at what your company's values are. What do you want to stand for? What do you want to communicate to your employees or future employees? Workvivo breaks this process down by looking at well-known companies and how they approach this.

Company values are also sometimes known as “core values”, because they define what beliefs are at the core of a company’s strategy.

We are all surrounded by values, be it personal or in the companies we start or work with. Do you reflect on your values regularly, how about where you work? This is an important part of our process to continually assess if we are in alignment and on the path that serves our purpose. The more we can begin to look deeper inside on a regular basis the more we will find what will truly make us happy.

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