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Mindset Matters

Updated: May 3, 2021

What you think, is.

April is flying by and spring feels like it is in full swing. Everything is blooming and growing in nature, and I can feel the energy of possibility all around me.

You've likely heard a lot about mindset. There are multitudes of books that talk about mindset related to everything from money to identity, relationships, careers, and many more. Many of these books focus on the importance of mindset in directing where we are going.

A story that really hits on mindset is from a video I watched this week (you can watch it here). In summary, it shares the story of someone who had struggled in school and was surprised to get an incredibly high score on the SAT. He believed at that moment that he actually was really smart and began acting as if that was true. He went on to go to ivy league schools and build the life of a millionaire. Several years later he received a letter that his test results had been an error and they were actually very low. The conclusion: once he began acting and believing that he was smart and could be successful, he was.

A note on mindset: what I'm not talking about is toxic positivity. As mindset and manifesting goals have become more common, so has the idea that we should just believe positive thoughts all the time regardless of actions. In the story above, the person in that story took actions to move forward based on what he believed based on that SAT score. He did not sit around wishing for good things to happen without taking any accountability in his life.

Your mindset is critical to how you can analyze, process, and move forward in any situation. I like the saying "this isn't happening to me, it's happening for me." In a good situation or bad, we can always learn something. How we choose to perceive a situation can have a huge impact on how we move forward.

As you begin your week and embark on Monday, pay attention to your mindset and how you begin your day. As you navigate the week, reflect on your mindset. Also, be kind to yourself. We are human, negative thoughts, anger, frustration are part of life. It's all about how you choose to forward that matters.

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