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Grateful for what?!

I have a secret for you, no really, it's a powerful secret.

I've shared why I started this blog and created this site. My hope is that you see that Mindfulness is something for you, and there's no excuse to start because it only takes a few minutes.

Now I want to share one of the most powerful Mindfulness tips I know, and like all my tips, it's simple, and you can start right now. Practice Gratitude.

What am I talking about, right? Well, I'll tell you a short story. One day I was having a particularly tough day at work. I was dealing with a challenging project and a lot of fighting across teams about who was in charge. It was creating a lot of stress and I couldn't figure out how to calm down or relax. Then I tried something that may sound crazy. I sat down and wrote three things I was thankful for about this frustrating situation right now. You read that right, something I was so angry about, I wrote three things I was thankful for about that very situation. And you know what? It worked. Did it stop all the challenges and fix everything? NO. Did it allow me to shift my mindset and see the situation and myself differently, YES! This is the secret. How we navigate what's happening around us, how we react, and what we internalize.

How can you make this a part of your mindfulness practice? Try writing three things you are thankful for in the morning before you start your day, and again as you end your day.

Try this practice for a week and notice how you feel. The longer you practice gratitude the more you will find you are able to navigate challenges in your day with a different perspective.

Mindfulness is about being present. It's about learning how to process everything coming at you just as the waves crash on the shore, but deep down the ocean is calm. That sounds hard. Try adding this tip into your day (it takes under 5 minutes) and see how something so small can have a profound affect on your mindset.

Stay mindful my friends, and be well.

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